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Amit Levy - Dolev Publishing

BREAKING THOUGH -  The Guide to Anger Management

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The book "BREAKING THROUGH the Guide to Anger Management " is a tour de force for the reader, taking him step by step on the journey of a lifetime: from aggressiveness and self-harm to calmness, empathy, confidence, and the cultivation of healthy and communicative personal relationships.


Amit Levy, a National Anger Management Association certified specialist in anger management is no stranger to the problem, having suffered from his own anger-management issues prior to embarking on this great journey. Informed by these experiences, he has developed a unique method for treating anger based on achieving a deep understanding of the anger triggering mechanisms and exploiting them to trailblaze new, healthier behavior patterns.


While our personal history is highly variable, the underlying negative self-conceptions triggering our outbursts are much the same. Amit focuses on six key self-conceptions and has developed practical and simple tools with which to implement a change – from the automatically angry “off-the-cuff” response to a more effective and healthy management of problematic situations. After many years in which Amit’s workshops have changed the lives of thousands of people, he now reveals the method he developed in his book, which has become a best-seller in Israel. The book's style imparts the feel of Amit's workshops, including practical examples and tools that anyone can relate to and follow. Those who have read this book have frequently reached out to the offer to experience their deep gratitude at how reading it catalyzed change in their lives.

The book includes information and tools regarding:

 the neurology of anger and change

What happens in our brain, body, and soul when we become angry and How to train our brain to generate a behavioral modification.

extended family anger managemnet

Anger management with our extended family (parents, siblings, in-laws, and ex-wives or husbands)

self concepions

The six key self-conceptions that trigger anger and the practical tools to change them


Re-establishing the long - neglected connection with our innermost desires and dreams.

assertive communication

It’s not what you say, but how you say it – understanding and practicing a new mode of relaxing and soothing communication for relationships, parenting and the workplace.


Setting boundaries in an unaggressive way.

About the Author - Amit Levy

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National Anger Management Association certified specialist.

Anger-management workshop facilitator for thousands of people.

Trains therapists in Israel and worldwide in anger management, using his special self-developed method.

Lectures in Israel and around the world.

Has suffered from, and overcome, his own anger-management issues.

“There is nothing that thrills me more than to see the change people experience with the aid of the method I have developed; to recognize the deep impact it has on relationships, parenting, work and in general; to realize that as a result of this process, the cruel cycle of passing down anger from one generation to the next will come to an end – just as it did in my own life. This is what will enable us to create peace on Earth.”

Amit Levy

 the information in the book is accessible, clear and concise; it was also touching and easy to read. It changed my life and my children’s life as well. Thank you.”

Timberly Williams

Your book fit me like a fine suit on a wedding day…thank you from the bottom of my heart; in light of your anger, I learned to recognize my own anger and was able to hold on to my family!

Thank you for being the one who helped me through my process of change; not a day goes by when I don’t use the tools in this book.

Timberly Williams

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Amit Levy - Dolev Publishing

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